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I adopted the pattern of using my site's "pages" to summarize, and my blog entries to detail.
Gatsby pages are basically React, but the blog entries are generated from MD (Markdown). I can code HTML by hand, but MD is so much faster to write.


I am a full stack web apps developer who has largely moved to being a DevOps engineer. I took some detours from software development into secondary school science and technology education. I enjoy educating and mentoring, and it was a good fit for raising five school age children. I also spent several years taking full time care of my children when my spouse's medical career became very demanding and we were stationed cross country with the National Health Service.

My twins just graduated from high school and I'm ready to re-enter the market. I took advantage of my time off to explore technologies that I was too busy to explore while working full-time and my new employers will benefit from that.

Details are available on my blog entry About EdPike365.

My Professional Strategic Goals

I have a blog entry about my professional goals.

Here they are in a nutshell:

    Strategic Goals Re-enter DevOps Engineering. Focusing on:
    • DevSecOps: become more focused on security
    • Cloud Engineer: multicloud, but AWS primary
    • Infrastructure as Software, not code.
    • MLOps: ML, data pipelines
    • Synthetic Biology Cloud Lab Automation: IOT, event driven architecture
    Tactical Goals to support strategic goals:
    1. Get job in AWS Shop, preferably consulting.
    2. Enhance Python skills. Use Python for most things. Use Go/Rust for performance, typically Lambdas.
    3. Kubernetes to support multicloud, which supports freedom from vendor lock. Kubernetes certs.
    4. Imrove Techs: Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, Go, Django, FastAPI, Okta, AWS Lambda...

This Site's Technology

I wrote this site in Gatsby. I wanted to learn a lot about React, JAM Stack, CSS in JS, and NPM publishing.
I am documenting my work and what I learned in my Site Customization Journal.