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August 23, 2021

DevOps Cycle

Just Thinkin About DevOps Stuff (and Dune)

“In this time, the most precious substance in the universe is the spice (DevOps)… The spice is vital to (Agility). The (IT Dept) and its (engineers), who the spice has mutated over (10) years, use the spice (Code), which gives them the ability to fold (time).”

DevOps enables high speed evolution.

DevOps eliminates wasted resources.

“Software is Eating the World”, “Everything Is Code”, therefore DevOps is key to all success.

We can consider anybody doing anything with code as software development:

  • SysOps adding infrastructure
  • SRE adding chaos testing
  • Data Science creating reports
  • Machine Learning developing an expert agent service
  • Mechanical engineering adding IOT code to a product
  • Industrial Engineers adding robots to the factory floor, or programming them
  • IT onboarding (or offboarding) an employee, or consultant

The DevOps Cycle


  • Planning docs should be in version control

TDD (Test Driven Design)

TDD is key to AI Assisted/No Code future. Took me a bit to come around, but GitHub Copilot AI was the last straw because it will clearly someday be able to write code to pass your tests, so ultimately, software development will consist of designing tests using some sort of language. I think TDD will be as big a see change as DevOps (which already added emphasis to TDD). Programmers might also be involved in writing DDD libraries to support TDD to make it easier to do. All of that will combine to bring the Semantic Web to a reality, which will in turn accerlerate AI evolution.

  • Design docs need to clearly define exactly what success looks like in the form of tests and expected results. Written by product managers.
  • Future: TDD docs will be designed with GUI. Output will be implementation and language neutral.
  • Eventually, changing these docs will automatically kick off the entire dev lifecycle. AI will handle implementation. Outside of defining tests (and UI templates), the entire process will be automated. AI will even make recommendations for changes and you might only need to tweak and approve the recommended changes.

Architecture Diagrams

Diagraming Tools For Cloud Infrastructure (redhat)

  • FigJam (Figma)
  • Mermaid
  • Lucidchart

UI Design Tools

Manage Tasks, Issues

Version Control

Source Code, Designs and Docs

Code Editors

  • Everything should be code.
  • If an app offers a console, try not to use it.
  • If a solution looks good but it does not offer an SDK, or at least a REST API, skip it.
  • VSCode is my default because it was conceptually built from the ground up to run in a web browser. They made a desktop version while they worked out the pure web kinks.
  • I’m trying to learn VIM because its available on all Linux distros (to my knowledge).

Build, Test Coverage

CI/CD Tools


  • SysOps practices and tooling overlap with DevOps.
  • For more details, see my SysOps and/or Containers pages.


  • Remote monitoring should include anonymous monitoring agents in webapps.

Continuous Feedback

Tickets feed back into Plan

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