About Me Now

December 27, 2021

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Overall Mission

  • Improve IT spend efficiency using automation and data collection, enabling FinOps tools required to make decisions about cost vs. value, TCO, and ROI.
  • Ease movement of assets between cloud vendors, or on prem (Repatriation):
    • automate infrastructure asset management with vendor neutral tools (IaC)
    • create local/co-hosted cloud infrastructure
  • Facilitate problem solving with observability and tracing (Open Telemetry)
  • Protect data, IP and other assets with end to end, zero trust security (DevSecOps)
    • Carefully implement AI tools while protecting private internal data
  • Increase software dev velocity and quality:
    • Provide self serve, automated, sand-boxed, and transient resources for test and dev (Platform Engineering)
    • Coordinate interops with clear standards (OpenAPI, Message Bus)
    • Add automated test coverage and linting to build processes; gather and present status on dashboards
  • Spread the good news about DevOps.


I focused on the tech below to support my career goals. I have additional long term skills on the backburner: DevSecOps, MLOps, DataOps, IoT Edge Ops


  • Jenkins with Docker and Kubernetes
  • GitHub Actions
  • Maven, Gradle
  • SonarQube (code quality)
  • DevSecOps
    • Supply Chain, SBOM (Software Bill of Materials), zero trust
    • AquaSec Trivy (image scans)
    • Kubernetes Security: AquaSec kube-bench (CIS benchmarks), AppArmor, Falco(threat detection), Seccomp Syscalls (Restrict Syscalls)

Ops, SRE, Cloud Engineering

  • IAC: Terraform (Infrastructure), Ansible (Config)
  • AWS: I’m open to other public clouds but I chose AWS as the first one because its the biggest.
  • Kubernetes: I have ALL the certs. I can use K8s accross clouds and on prem.
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Grafana

Full Stack Web Apps

  • Web apps for all the *Ops, DevEx, SRE, etc.
  • FrontEnds:
    • Intranet/Extranet CRUD forms: Vanilla HTML, JS, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, SSO
    • Intranet/Extranet docs: Gatsby, with SSR and GraphQL, Emotion CSS
    • Chrome Lighthouse Performance, A11y, mobile first, responsive
  • Backend Rest APIs:
    • Java Backend: Leveraging my previous experience (below) and using the exciting new Java stack: Java 11+, Quarkus, GraalVM
    • I know enough Node and Python to use those for REST if needed.