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April 16, 2023

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Credly Badges

Certs do NOT prove expertise. However, earning a cert takes an investment of time and money and definitely proves interest and commitment. The Kubernetes tests are hands on, time limited, and in a league of their own. However, even Kubernetes details start to fade as soon as I don’t use it for a week.

I like certs because they reduce the unknown unknowns.

A cert shows that I’ve at least scouted out the full offerings of the cert topic. I have seen a map of the territory and I at least know my options; though I might not retian implementation details, now they are known unknowns vs unknown unknowns. The skeleton of the knowledge remains.

When I rely purely on googling solutions and tutorials, who knows what other options I’ve missed? One way to get a well rounded understanding is to read a good book from OReilly or Manning, but there is no way to quickly prove to a potential employer that I read it or focused on it; certs do.

Man got certs, touched sky, now knows his whole world is a spaceship. "For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky": Star Trek Episode Before he got the cert, he didn't know his whole world was a spaceship.

Certified Classes

Generally, starting in 2020, I explored getting into SynBio, via ML, starting with DevOps. I realized that to be good at it I’d need to take a lot more math and then risk still not getting a job. Instead, I plotted a course that would leverage what I already know: Full Stack and DevOps.

These courses were not wasted; they put me in a much better position to support biologists, ML, and data scientists.

These classes included certificates. Earning the certificate usually involves more rigourous testing.

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