September 01, 2023





This Blog

  • Gatsby: Its built on many techs.
    • React
    • Node
    • MD (Mark Down)
    • GraphQL
    • SSG (Static Site Geneator)
    • DSG (Delayed Static Generation)
    • SSR (Server-Side Rendering)
    • Customizations:
      • Mobile First, Responsive CSS
      • CSS animations
      • Collapsing side nav
      • Bouncing return to top icon
    • Extensions/Plugins:

Node Modules


I wrote gatsby-head-style-boss plugin node module to learn more about:

  • Gatsby plugins, naming conventions
  • Gatsby build hooks
  • dark mode
  • “no flash” dark mode switches
  • it was my first npm module, so I learned about building and publishing those.


  • I wrote gatsby-source-build-date plugin node module for several reasons.
  • The only Gatsby plugin for build date used a dependant Date library that had been superceded in core node.
  • I like to minimize 3rd party node dependencies
  • I wanted to write a much simpler Gatsby plugin than gatsby-head-style-boss.
  • I could have hard coded the international date functionality but I thought it would be useful for others to have a plugin and also wanted the npm, Gatsby, and React practice because this blog is the only place I use those things and they become rusty.