Journal: Week 2022-01-07

January 07, 2022

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This week I was mostly exploring SynBio DevOps for a blog post I wrote.


Image Courtesy of Synthace

Log (LIFO)


I read a lot of articles while writing some blog posts. Here are the key ones.



Companies, Orgs

  • GEN: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News I signed up for a free newsletter.
  • ChemPartner: Life Science CRO/CDMO. China.
  • Science Exchange: Marketplace lets you source, order and pay for 3,500+ scientific services providers.
  • OpenTrons: Open source lab automation hardware and software. Python API.
  • Atomwise: “developed a machine learning-based discovery engine that combines the power of convolutional neural networks with massive chemical libraries to discover new small molecule medicines.”
    • IT: Terraform/Ansible. Python. Docker. AWS.



  • Synthace: Design of Experiments Masterclass For Biology

    • Synthace is one of my favorite Cloud Bio Labs play. This masterclass is focused on helping lab biologist transition to it. 3 Sessions. Session 1: Starts January 25th 2022.
    • Design of Experiments (DOE) is a systematic method of investigating the relationship between multiple factors and their impact on the process simultaneously.
    • It is the key to understanding the ever-increasing complexity of biological experiments, and has the potential to transform biological research.
  • MIT Intro to Deep Learning | 6.S191

    • MIT’s introductory course on deep learning methods with applications to computer vision, natural language processing, biology,… 1 Week crash course. Next session starts Jan 24.
    • The website (No HTTPS. Academia, you need me.)
    • Lectures on YouTube: New 2021 Edition!

Definitions, Acronyms

These Acronyms are all courtesy of

  • CRO: Contract Research Organization
  • CDMO: Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisation
  • CMO: Contract Manufacturing Org
  • CMC
  • CTD: “for regulatory filings”
  • IND: IND filing
  • NDA: In this context, I don’t think this is a Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • DMPK/Tox
  • cGMP

Future Research

Things I ran across and thought “Oh yeah, I need to look into that sometime, but not now.”

  • Google DeepMind, AlphaFold2
  • Insitro, Insilico Medicine
  • Craig Venter Institue
  • ETH Zurich. Caulobacter ethensis 2.0
  • Jared Friedman, YC (Y Combinator)
  • Ginkgo Ferment Partner Presenters
    • Arcea
    • Genomatica

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