Journal: Week 2022-01-14

January 14, 2022

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Keeping up with my news feeds. Reaching out to DevOps community. Discovered Pulumi Cloud Engineering and DevOps PartyGames.


Image Courtesy of Pulumi

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Companies, Orgs

  • GenomeWeb: I signed up for their free newsletter.

  • DevOps PartyGames

  • Singular Genomics Benchtop sequencing. Competing with Illumina. Current model G4.

  • WuXi Apptec “across Asia, Europe, and North America, WuXi AppTec provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients. Through its unique business models, WuXi AppTec’s integrated, end-to-end services include chemistry drug CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization), biology discovery, preclinical testing and clinical research services, cell and gene therapies CTDMO (Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization), ” HQ Shanghai, China.

  • Rosalind Franklin Society

  • Pulumi Cloud Engineering


  • Michael Levin: Tufts. Xenobots. Program cells at anatomical, not genetic, level. Cell Cybernetics. Morphogenisis. Bacteria biofilms. Bacterial intelligence. Dirctor, Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University Associate Faculty, Wyss Institue Harvard U., @drmichaellevin

  • Naveen Rao, Nervana Systems: 2021 podcast. Neuro ASIC chips.


Definitions, Acronyms

  • DAGS: Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • CRDMO: Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization
  • CTDMO: Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization

Future Research

  • AAV Characterization: hint Mass Photometry
  • cryoTEM
  • basal cognition: Levin, Tufts
  • “nudge”. “choice architects”
  • Pulumi: “Infrastructure as Software”. Cloud Engineering sweet spot.
  • Eurofins Scientific, Creative Enzymes, Synthego, Synthetic Genomics, Codexis, GenScript, Precigen, Amyris, Novozymes, Agilent, Merck KGaA, and Thermo Fisher.
  • OpenStack vs Serverless vs Amplify, etc

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